The Foolish Things

Talk about God using foolish things, it is unbelievable what God has done with so little here in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  We have seen the hand of God work in ways that demands our people to grow in faith.  Over the few months that Madiba Bay has been going we have seen well over 30 professions of faith in the services alone.  We are in desperate need of a day dedicated to baptizing those that have trusted Christ as their saviour. 

 On top of that the church is still becoming more steady and people are learning to be faithful.  The church is only running in the twenties but the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter and brighter as the faith of our people does likewise. 


On September the 2nd we will move into a building that will be ours to use full time.  We are excited about this move seeing it will provide presence and a homebase to work from. 

 One family in the church comes to mind right away as I think about Madiba Bay.  The Sitole family is right in the middle of God’s construction zone.  I don’t believe they intended on living there but through a faithful and obedient servant of God, Lubabalo Sitole, this dear family has God convicting, convincing, and changing their hearts.  Five or more in this family alone have trusted Christ as their saviour.  This past Sunday the rest of us were in the minority compared to the number of people coming from the Sitole family. 

 Keep these people in your prayers.  There are many avenues Satan loves to take the Xhosa people down to steer them away from Jesus Christ. 

 It is amazing how much God has done in our lives when we stop and think about it, and when we do our faith is strengthened.  Take care! 


One comment

  1. Keith Shumaker

    We praise the Lord for what He is doing in South Africa. We know that God is and is going to do a great work through you. That is wonderful about the salvation decisions. Keep working and preach on brother!

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