uLubabalo useEast London

Lubabalo leading singing at Madiba Bay


Well, Lubabalo has headed off to East London.  He actually left yesterday and has preached once already and will preach again tommorrow.  I know He would appreciate all of your prayers. 

 Pastor Michael Lovett invited him up to preach at his youth meeting on Friday night and then in the children’s sunday school Sunday morning.  They have several Xhosa people in their church in East London.  I talked to him (Lubabalo) today and he seemed to be having a blast and from the sound of it, it seems as if he sees a great need for the gospel in East London. 

 Pray for us Mzikayise will be leading the singing tommorrow and he is a bit nervous – first time jitters.  I am sure he will do a great job but still we ask you to pray for us that God would help us to minister in an effective way to the hearts of all the people at Madiba Bay.  I struggled to preach Wednesday so I am really anxious to get back in church and allow God to use His word through me.  We will let you know how it turns out. 



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