No Power…No World Cup

I believe the gov is starting to stress a little now. They are on the brink of looking very foolish. We are experiencing power outages all over the country and they are happening closer and closer together. This is a problem for us, as people who live here, but this problem has no quick fix and South Africa is scheduled to hold the 2010 World Cup which will be redirected elsewhere if there is not a definate solution in place.
Our President Thabo Mbeki has recently admitted to the government’s failure to act swiftly after first realizing the coming problem. But before that this problem originally stems from the Apartheid regime. I am not trying to open that can of worms up again but the fact is the power supply in this country was set up for a small white community made up of less than ten million people, not the other approximately forty million people. Knowing that, it is very easy to see how we are constantly over using electricity in this country. In comparison, is it not a beautiful thing that when God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost designed a plan to save human souls from eternal destruction they didn’t do so with only certain races in mind. No, God made preparations and a way for all men to be saved. The Bible says that He is not willing that any should perish! We cannot overstress God’s salvation. We will never have to run adverts or plea with people to not preach the Gospel too much. Heaven is big enough for everyone and Christ’s blood is enough to wash away every man’s sin.


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