The Song that God Wrote

Wow! When God writes a song the lyrics are literally alive. I am not a music lover but when I do sing I want the words I sing to make sense and really impact my heart and mind as I (attempt to) sing them to the Lord. Here is a lousy illustration but let’s see if I can ties some things together with it – All throughout movies filmmakers play specific songs at specific times to really emphasize the moment – many times the words of the songs actually talk about what is happening/ed in the movie. Now all you carnal movie watchers have your favorite scenes with the corresponding music/songs in your minds (e.g. Eye of the Tiger and Rocky).

Now let’s go back to some Bible – Duteronomy 31 – here we read about God giving Moses a song to teach the children of Israel. I am not exactly sure of the lyrics unless they sang the exact words that are in the scripture but I definately believe that the song was definately taken from what God told Moses in this chapter concerning the Jews. Just for an overview I believe the song would have included something like – “I blessed you and provided everything I promised I would and you (Israel) have forsaken me AGAIN and now you will experience my wrath, evil is going to invade your life. Why you say? So that you will WAKE UP!!! and return back to me and worship me in the way I hold as acceptable. By the way this song is going to keep playing in your head to remind you of why you are so miserable.(because you have been hearing it since you were a babe! It is stuck in your head!!!) You are going to be miserable in your sin!”

I realize my summary is a far cry from what the real song stated but I believe that the message is clear. Now, what does this tell us today as New Testament Christians. Well, first that our God is unbelievably faithful to us. You see as God was giving this song to Moses God told Moses that “even now,” (v.21) the imaginations of the Jews was not pleasing to God. This is an amazing thought you see because, God knows our hearts yet still continues to love us and work amongst us. Even though God knew what was already in their hearts He still kept His promise and gave them the promise land. Secondly this song is a constant reminder of the attitude of God toward sin – HE ABSOLUTELY HATES IT! It (the song) told the Jews that their sin and all sin for that matter comes with a price – a very expensive one, blood and death. It was also given so that once they did sin, the song would ring out in their hearts and minds about the way to get back to God.

The leaders of Israel were commanded to have the song taught to the people even while they were still children so that by the time they were old, this song was as much a part of their make-up as their own names were. Why? So they would fear the Lord and if they did sin they would be reminded of what God expected and how to get things right with Him again. Let us as Christians remember the Lords song!!!


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