Ways to Ruin Your Life

Looking at Judges 14 into the life of Samson you can get some great ideas for destroying your life. We looked at three of these today. The first was that of taking and doing whatever looks good in “your eyes.” Samson saw the Philistine girl and she pleased him. Secondly, don’t listen to or ask for any counsel before making a big decision. The Bible goes on to explain that Samson TOLD his dad to go get the girl for him. He didn’t want any advice or counsel and when his dad and mom did pipe up Samson wasn’t having any of it. Thirdly, forget about all your responsibilities and or privileges with God. Samson was a Nazarite from birth, seperated unto God, and was to live a peculiar life, but in this chapter alone we see him marrying the wrong kind of girl, touching the unclean, and taking part in a drink fest. Samson lived a costly life. Just at the end of the chapter we see that the pleasures sin boasts are so empty. The girl he was going to live happily ever after with was given to his best man! Beyond that we know that Samson’s life ended by killing himself. These are three good steps to ruining your life.

We had a great service. People really responded to the message. I had several come and say that they really appreciated the message. There were some that haven’t been in a while and I think the message was just what God wanted those to hear.

Wisani preached a great message in the second service! The preachers will get together on Thursday to comment on what he had to say.

Thanks to those young adults that sang the special today. Wow! You guys need to make a c.d. I have never in my life heard “Are You Washed in The Blood” sung the way you guys sung it today. Look forward to more awesome singing in the future.



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