Do You Have Faith?

James 2:26 – “For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.”

You say you have faith that God is going to do something great, maybe something specific in your life, but the question according to the book of James is what are your doing to prepare or work toward this great work?

In James chapter two James gives the example of someone in need of warm clothing. He wants you to imagine this person coming to you and asking for help, and in faith you say depart in peace and be warmed and filled. How did those eloquent words help that person in need? They didn’t. They probably just soothed your conscience. Your faith was worthless.

If you really had faith in that situation you would have taken action maybe out of your own resources, if you had something to give, or helped the person find what he was in need of somewhere else.
If you really have faith, according to the book of James, works will follow. So, where are your works? You say you know/have faith, that God wants you to be a missionary. Where are the works that follow that faith? Are you pursuing it every day in the books you read, the people you follow, and the work that you exhaust yourself in? Your faith is worthless unless it is backed up by works!

What kind of faith do you have?


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