Persecution and Spiritual Strength Go Hand in Hand

In Revelations chapter 2:8-12 we read about the church at Smyrna. This church was commended by God. They were one of only two churches that were commended by the Lord. What a category to fall in!!! The Lord looked upon this church and was pleased. As a missionary and pastor there is nothing that I desire more than for Madiba Bay Baptist Church to be pleasing to the Lord.

This church pleased the Lord but it came at a high cost. This city was full of idolatry. It was full of emperor worship. These believers were accused of everything from cannibalism to atheism. But in the midst of the persecution true believers became stronger and purer. That is exactly what the Bible says will happen. James 1:2-4 says that trials/tests of our faith produce patience/endurance which in turns leads to our perfection and complete contentment.

This was pleasing in the eyes of our Saviour. I don’t believe seeing His children suffer was pleasing, but the fact that they remained faithful in the trials brought glory to our Saviour.

Friend, Christ sees you today. He sees what you are going through and the fact that you are remaining faithful to Him and He is pleased!!! The Smyrna believers now see that it was worth it all, and you will to. Christ is waiting to reward you.


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