I remember hearing of a preacher one time who had not put anything away for retirement. On top of that he didn’t have any social security because he had opted out. There are probably an untold amount of preachers out there like this.

When I heard of this I remember thinking, how irresponsible, but the more I read the Bible the more I am beginning to think this is probably right.

While I don’t think being irresponsible, not having a plan, or just overspending is Christlike, I do think “not laying up treasures on earth” is Biblical. I could be reading this the wrong way and if I am please let me know. But when I read of Jesus, Paul and others in the Bible I just don’t see the American way.

In Matthew chapter six we read about, what I believe, is the way Christians should save up for retirement.

In the beginning part of the chapter Jesus tells us to pray while being unseen. In the second part He tells us to invest in the unseen. Then, the next chapter begins by talking about judging the unseen (the sins that you are so quick to point out in others, that you miss in your own life).

We should be Christians who are passionate about knowing God intimately. This happens in private (while being unseen by men), not standing in church.

We should be people who invest in the unseen. The words “lay up” mean to amass, reserve, or store up.
The word we use for the money we put away for retirement is savings. Synonyms for this word include, but are not limited to, the words reserve, hoard, and stash. Sounds similar huh? I would say so.

I am definately not against you having retirement. This is where I come to the third point I mentioned above, and that is “judge the unseen.” I think you need to look into YOUR life, more specifically, your check book and find out where YOU are investing. I need to do the same. It is a personal thing, between you and God.

As many people are finding out the hard way, the investments of this world are not secure but heavenly investments are unchangeable.

Would it be ridiculous to start sending your home church a check for the amount you would save for retirement? You want to save $100 a month for retirement. Would you be so crazy,… or faithful, as to send that money to God instead of Steve the financial investor? Does it seem crazier to take God up on His word in Matthew 6 or to trust in the stocks of Wal-Mart or Home Depot?

I challenge you to read this chapter and come to a decision for yourself about the way you lay up for retirement. Remember that the majority is not always right and that the right people can sometimes give the wrong advice. Find out what God wants, judge yourself, and make the right investment.


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