Jail Time

Last night it was Whitfield Baptist Church’s night to go and minister at the county jail. I was given a last minute invited so I headed down to see how a jail ministry works.

I have to say that I had a great time. I love to preach to others what has helped me in my own life. This is a great place to be able to do this. It is a room full of men in crisis. They are at a fork in their lives and no doubt their families are praying that God would send someone to help them by the Word of truth.

It was shocking as I went in to the different pods. I ran into about six men that I knew, three of which I went to school with. They are regular people, even proclaiming to be Christians, but Christ is not in charge in their lives. Pray for these men in particular as I am suppose to meet with two of them upon their release. I don’t want to give their names for privacy sake.

After seeing what I saw last night, and knowing that someone very close to me was in a place like this for a while, I would have been thrilled to know that their were churches and preachers trying to help this person with the truth.

How are the jails in your community? Is anyone reaching them? Why not try to get into them and give those men and women hope?


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