Do You Know Him?

Phil 3:10 – That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, being made conformable unto his death;

In order to get to know my wife I don’t go to her friends and ask them about her. No, I go directly to her and listen to her. Also, it is not just about knowing facts about her. That doesn’t mean that I truly know her. I know her when I listen to her speak from her heart, when I hear her dreams, and understand what she says.

Do you just know facts about God? While it is good to know facts, it is far more important to “know Him.” That is what is going to transform you and renew your mind.

The word “know” in Phil 3:10 means the following:
To know in a great variety of applications and with many implications as follow (with others that are not here mentioned):
To allow Him
To be aware of Him
To feel Him
To have knowledge of Him
To perceive/recognize Him
To be resolved/(set on) of Him
To be sure of Him
To understand Him
Can speak of Him

The key to getting to know God rests in the fact that God is a person.

Read what Kenneth Boa in the book Conformed to His Image has to say about getting to “know Him” as a person. He gives several conditions on growing in our knowledge of Him.

1. The first condition – is that both people in a relationship are willing to get to know each other.
a. You can know someone only to the extent that they are willing to be known.
b. one sided relationships are always dead-ends.
c. The bible tells us that God wants us to know Him.
d. He is the initiator – he waits for a response.

2. The second condition – is that both people gain knowledge of each other not merely about each other.
a. We can know a lot about someone yet not know them.
b. Only when we get to know God as a person will we grow in knowledge of Him.

3. The third condition – is openness, acceptance, and forgiveness.
a. Many people are afraid if people really know them they will be rejected.
b. God tells us that in Christ we have been – accepted and forgiven.
c. He knows us completely – and we don’t need to be afraid of being open with Him.

4. The fourth condition – is time spent in communication.
a. No relationship will grow – without time spent talking, listening, and caring.
b. We cannot become close to God unless we talk with him, and listen to his voice in scripture on a consistent basis.

5. The fifth condition – is developed in action;
a. it is nourished in and through a series of responses to the needs of one another.
b. To know God is to love Him, and to love Him is to want to respond to His desires for our lives.
c. Faith in God is trusting him as a person, and trust is manifested in action.

Do you know Him? If the answer is no, make a decision today to make that the focal point in your life! This is where your strength, wisdom, and genuineness come from. If you fail in this area, all areas are destined for failure.


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