Making Disciples

Mark 1:16-20
I paraphrase the verses below.

One day as He was walking by the sea of Galilee he saw two men, Simon and Andrew casting a net into the sea, as this was their job. V . 16

Jesus said to them, come follow me, and I will make you into fishers of men. V. 17

They immediately left their nets and followed Him. v. 18

He went a little further and saw some more men fishing, James and John, as they were also in a ship repairing their nets. They were also fishermen. V. 19

Immediately Jesus called out to them. They also immediately left their nets and their father with his hired servants, and followed Jesus. V.20

Conclusion: Jesus chose ordinary men to follow him. They were JUST fishermen. But he took these men to be with Him. They were His plan of building His kingdom. He reproduced Himself in them. They failed Him time and again. But by the time His entire work was accomplished they were ready to do the job He left them to do.

LESSON: You cannot make disciples ministering to thousands. You make disciples walking and being with a few. It is time consuming but it is the best way to ensure your message and life are learned by those you are trying to disciple.


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