Raising a Modern-Day Knight

I just finished reading this book by Robert Lewis. I would recommend reading the book as a dad that takes serious the responsibility of raising a real man of God in this world.

The book does have alot of Bible references but obviously refers alot to the process that took place in Medieval times for a boy to become a knight.

Basically it emphasizes that there was a specific process and that when a boy finally became a knight there was no doubt about it in his mind. Today, many young boys grow up without a dad, the person that is suppose to model manhood for them. Therefore, as they grow up they are left guessing at what it means to be a man, if they are suppose to be one or maybe they are just in a man’s body, or if they will ever be one.

That is frustrating. I don’t want that for my sons. I want them to grow up and be real men. Men that know they are men, know what it means to be a man, and live out those truths.

Do you have a definition of what it means to be a man for your son, or is he going to be left guessing? If you do have one, do you put it before him? And if you put if before him, do you model it in the way you live in front of him?

These are serious, very serious questions. Don’t disciple the world and leave your own sons to grow up to be worthless.

Again, if you get the chance read the book. I wouldn’t recommend everything in the book but it does give some great insights and ideas on raising your son up to be a man of God.


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