Don’t Take The Path of Least Resistance

But I will tarry at Ephesus until Pentecost. 9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries. (I Cor 16:8,9)

Paul was wanting to visit the Corinthian believers and tells them here that it probably wouldn’t be until after Pentecost that he would be able to make the trip. Then, Paul explains why he can’t come sooner. He says a great door and effectual had been opened unto him in Ephesus.

I believe it is comparative to the door of opportunity God opened to the church of Philadelphia in the book of Revelations. It was a door of opportunity, and stewardship to evangelize that area. He knew God was working in Ephesus.

Paul wasn’t like many of us today. He saw the adversaries (v. 9b) and said wow God is working here. Today, we would say wow there is alot of opposition God must be closing the door.

Even as spiritual leaders, such as pastors and missionaries we have fallen to this level in leading God’s people. Instead of telling God’s people “here is a cross to die on and follow your Lord” we tell them whatever they want to do and however they want to go about doing it is just fine with God.

This philosophy is summed up by the following statement. “Many people will take the path of least resistance. Figure out where people are going to walk before putting in a walkway.” (Darnell)

I am glad Jesus didn’t have this philosophy He would have taken Satan up on those temptations he set before Him. Jesus knew that just because there is resistance doesn’t mean that you have went down the wrong path.

Conclusion: Before you turn back ask yourself “Am I turning back because it’s becoming difficult or because I am convinced without partiality that I should go a different direction?”


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