Request for Prayer for New Church Plant

Please pray for Madiba Bay Baptist Church as it seeks to start a new church here in iBhayi (Port Elizabeth).

This will begin to take place next month as we begin outreach in the area of the new church plant. The area is called Wells Estate. Several people from Madiba Bay have been providentially moved to that area and will be immediate attenders of the new church.

The most essential thing that we need is prayer. I know we can knock on doors. I know we can preach. I know we can sing. But what we can’t do on our own is cause genuine life change in people. This is where you come in thousands of miles away. WE DESPERATELY NEED YOU TO PRAY!!!

We don’t want to plant churches. We want to cause a movement of church planting!

Read the following to understand the difference:

Perhaps this is why Church Planting Movements are devoid of goals to start ten or twenty additional churches in a country or city. Instead, these churches are satisfied with nothing less than a vision to reach their entire people group or city—and eventually the whole world! As each church realizes that it has the capacity and responsibility to reproduce itself, the numbers start compounding exponentially.– David Garrison

Prayer is the key to this.

Here are some specifics on how you can pray:
1. Ask God to give me and the other leaders wisdom
2. Ask God to send us more aspiring young men to train
3. Ask God to give us a great harvest from our outreach
4. Ask God to bless our new discipleship on c.d.

Madiba Bay Baptist church is still in its infant stages but its time to give birth. We will continue to work at building Madiba Bay but the necessity of another light source is vital.

We want to plant a number of churches here in P.E. and move on. Kentucky Fried Chicken has reached P.E. with their secrect recipe. There are around 15 KFC’s in our city alone!!! The Xhosa people do not refer to fried chicken as fried chicken they call it “Kentucky!”

Ask God to allow us to start 10 to 15 churches in this city and move on.

We are really small right now and I know the only way that things are going to grow is through God’s help.

If you would commit to pray for this need please send me an e-mail letting me know so that I can let the church know that there are others around the world praying for this church plant.


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