Cross-cultural Ministry

Relax! That is one word you need to learn and apply very quickly when doing cross-cultural ministry. You will either learn to chill out a little bit or have a nervous breakdown because things will not go according to protocol.

Today, we were distributing boxes of John/Romans in the main business section of the township, Njoli Square. There are taxis, street venders, and people all over the place. Well, we pulled up and started unloading the boxes and began handing them out when out of nowhere a guy comes up and grabs handfuls of them and begins passing them out.

He was a bit drunk and looking to make some money. Needless to say I couldn’t get through to him that I wouldn’t pay him and that all the helpers that were there were members of the church. He wouldn’t listen and I have to say he was hustling to get those books passed out. He did a great job:)

Obviously, I didn’t want a drunk man passing out literature for the church but sometimes you have to pick your fights and starting an argument at Njoli Square would not be wise. At first I was like, no way this is happening, I cannot have a drunk man passing out literature! Then, I said to myself it’s not worth getting all worked up over. I just relaxed and let him help us out. Who knows maybe someone took the book from him and went home and trusted Christ as their Savior.


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