Sunday Review

Sunday was an eventful day. Midway through the second half of our service Clark nearly choked to death on a piece of candy. It was a big scare, but no harm done and he is fine.

On a better note the attendance of the church seems to be increasing. We are consistently getting the word out via c.d.

The church is small but is becoming more and more mature and independent of me. They are taking more and more ownership and responsibility as we stress the need for self-governmetn, propagation, and sustainment.

A young man named Siyakudumisa is maturing in the faith. He has fantastic grandparents that are some of the most treasured people of Madiba Bay. I know it is their dream that this young man would be used by God to declare His gospel.

Babalo is doing a fantastic job with the new children’s church.

Sipho preached a great message as he continues through the Gospel of John.

The other two Sunday School teachers, Lubabalo, and Nyameka are growing and continuing to be used in the church.


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