Reading a book called Revolution by Gene Edwards (same author who wrote Tale of Three Kings)

Interesting thought:

The author notes that the disciples probably spent some where around 20,000 hours living, breathing and walking in the presence of Christ. This is what made these men so special.

He defines the twelve in the following way as a result of their time with Jesus: “Men purged in motive, pure in being, and divine in character.”

(The estimated 20,000hrs comes from the 18hrs of being with Christ everday for four years.)

Then he notes that Stephen did not have the opportunities the twelve had. He didn’t have the advantage of living and sitting under the teachings of Christ while He lived on the earth. But he had over 9,000 hours of Apostolic ministry. “Over 9,000 hours from twelve men who spoke mostly about “living in the presence of Jesus Christ” or things even deeper than that!”

(The 9,000 hours comes from the at least 4hrs per day, six days a week, for eight years worth of teaching Stephen would have received for preparation.)

Conclusion: There are no shortcuts. We can read, and work for the Lord but if we don’t focus on simply getting to “know Him” it is all going to be worked up and worthless. Focus on knowing Him today!!! Stop and spend time speaking with Him today.

Phil 3:10 – “That I may know Him…” – Paul
Ephesians 1:17 – Pauls prayer for the Ephesian believers – that they would have intimate knowledge of Him.


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