The Divine Romance

Reading The Divine Romance by Gene Edwards – suppose to be one the Christian classics.

I have to say the author has a way with words. He makes you think and he is good at making the words of Scripture become visible.

In chapter 1 of the book, we find God’s experience in creating all of creation and yet finding Himself alone. God makes one more creation but this creation is different. Edwards has this to say; “Suddenly, the look on the face of the Creator changed. He was searching for something…something in his own being. Slowly he drew that element from out of Himself and engraved it upon the clay.”

He goes on. “With the last sculpting stroke, he stepped back from the moist sod, allowing the angels to have a full view of his completed work. They gasped in amazement and cried together, His image! Visible!”

“Of all the innumerable creatures fashioned by his poetic hand, there was but one of whom it could be said, “The Lord God was thinking of Himself when he created this one.”

“Further, it was noted that, this creature-unlike visible animals and invisible angels, but very like God – could love… Truly, man was in the image of God.”


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