Open Air Preaching

We still don’t have a place to meet but we have decided to go ahead and start holding open air meetings.

We have talked to the councilor’s office of Wells Estate and they seemed fine with the idea. We are going to hold them in a park near one of our Christian brother’s house.

Pray for these meetings – we will do 3 next week. Then follow up the next week, and so on and so on until we get a place to meet regularly.

It will most likely make for some very interesting experiences – white people in the township making lots of noise (I am not familiar with the the people here and they will be shocked to see me), out in the open to draw every wierdo, drunk or brawler around. Ah, these are the moments in life that are forever engraved in our memories. lol

On a serious note, this is a very needy area for the gospel. These dear people are sitting in darkness and we can be one of the first people to try and reach into their community. (This is a new development) I know the power of God is going to cause some dead men to become alive!!!

Please pray for us!!!


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