Prayer Request

I don’t know the following people but I do know that if it was me I would need some serious prayer. Please read the following and lift this Christian up in prayer today.

Dear Friends,

I send you this request with a heavy heart and tear filled eyes. I would like to ask you to help us pray for the Parsons and Casto families as well as our entire community. Earlier this week there was a tragic accident that claimed the lives of a mother and her 3 month old daughter. Her 2 year old son had been on life support until the Lord took him home this afternoon. The father (Bobby Parsons) of these precious babies was hospitalized this week when he went into shock trying to deal with the whole situation. Please ask God to comfort these families. Bobby’s dad is the pastor at Second Baptist in Ravenswood, WV. We all know that even pastors get discouraged, so lift him up in your prayers also.

We at Grace Gospel Baptist Church appreciate all you do. Sometimes all you can do is pray. That is always the most important thing you can do.

Thank you and God Bless,

Marsha Paugh
Mission Secretary
Grace Gospel Baptist Church
Ripley, WV


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