Ephesians 2:1-7

If we could only grasp man’s eternal reality which is explained in the Scriptures, and crystal clear to God.

In reality, not the color coated reality “the prince of the power of the air” would like for us to stay fixated on, man is dead, slain by his trespasses and sins.

Yet man thinks himself alive, and more so as he fulfills all his desires and aspirations on Earth. Yet God says he is DEAD and the works he does are worthless and meaningless.

This is reality!

Many people hate going to funerals. They hate the morbid feelings that death conjures up. Yet day by day and moment by moment their entire life is encapsulated in DEATH and permeated with its stinch.

It is amazing how our sense of what smells good can differ. I walked into a house the other day and the smell about knocked me down. It smelled horrible. I looked to find where the overwhelming stinch was coming from and finally noticed a pot in the kitchen with steam coming out the top. It was delicious food for that household. What smelled horrible to me was food for another.

Man’s life without Christ is a nauseating odor in the nostrils of God. What appears wonderful and pleasent amongst men is detestable to God.

Why? Besides the fact that all sin is against God and punished by death, it is even worse that the very creation of God would serve another. Man lives his days serving another master, Satan. Day in and day out man conforms, follows and pursues the lures, fashions, and selfish ambitions Satan lays out before him.

Satan is not a creator. He has to take the things that God made and try to come up with something “new.” Solomon figured this one out though when he said “there is no new thing under the sun.” (Ecc 1:9) Everything Satan has to offer follows the course of this world, and that is that it will perish!

Man’s leader, Satan, fills man’s dead existence on earth with perishables and ultimately leads man into ultimate destruction.

Christian you need to stop whatever you are doing right now and thank God that through Christ you stepped out from under the wrath of God, your deserved punishment and found grace and mercy.

We were without hope, dead men, serving a defeated prince on our way to unparralled punishment when God stepped in to help.

It was because of His unbelievable love toward us that God offered us mercy and grace through the death of His own Son, Jesus Christ.

We are free from the penalty of sin and can live life alive and for the LORD OF LORDS who will reward us when we see Him!!!

That is exciting and something to thank God for!!!


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