Quick Wrap

Weather kept us out of Wells Estates on Thursday. We had some severe rains this week. It had cleared up on Thursday but there was a lot of water on the ground in that particular area.

Today we passed out some of our Well of Life (umthombo wobomi) ministry c.d.’s. That is the name that Sipho came up with for the ministry. We only had about 150 but they were gone in about 5 minutes time. People were almost fighting to get the last few!

I have a c.d. duplicator on its way from Cape Town. It should be here by Wednesday of next week. We are going to be doing some serious production after it arrives. This machine can do 11 c.d.s at a time!!! Now all I need to find is a wholesale supplier of blank c.d.s and we will be pouring out Xhosa gospel preaching and teaching all over the city and hopefully beyond.

We appreciate your continued prayers for: the moving of Madiba Bay Baptist Church to its new building over the next few weeks, the continued open air preaching going on in Wells Estate, and the Well of Life c.d. ministry.

God Bless


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