I’m doing pretty good

I was at the gym yesterday morning and found myself doing something pretty silly. There was an older man on a bike next to me and I glanced to check out the level he had his bike set on. Then I proceeded to set mine twice as high as his. I thought there is no way I am going to be out worked by a man twice my age. Once I set my bike to the higher level I felt justified.

If you would do a life check real quick and think about the way you live your life I would almost bet that you probably do this in different areas of your Christian life – maybe in your Bible reading, church attendance, preaching, accomplishments, parenting, finances, work ethic, etc., etc. You are glancing over at the old man on the bike next you and justifying yourself:) (No offence meant to older men)

This is unfortunate but a reality for most of us as Christians. God said we fell short of His mark and will never live up to it. We’ve all sinned and come up short of God’s mark of perfection. He goes on to tell us in Romans 3:20 that no human will be justified by doing good deeds. These verses describe us before we put faith in Jesus.

Nevertheless, we are foolish to look around us and to justify ourselves by exceeding, or outworking our brothers and sisters in Christ after we are in Christ. We are still only justified by Jesus Christ and His finished work of salvation on the cross.

In II Cor 10:12 God tells us how silly it is for us to be setting our level in life by what the guy next to us is doing. “For we dare not make ourselves of the number, or compare ourselves with some that commend themselves: but they measuring themselves by themselves, and comparing themselves among themselves, are not wise.” That is a nice way of saying they are foolish!!!

The example has been set, the power has been provided, the mark is unmoveable. It is all in, through, by, and at Jesus Christ. Keep your eyes on Him. Pray and talk to Him. Read about Him. Learn to love and find your security and success in Him alone. Then if something considered “great” in the eyes of man takes place be quick to reflect the glory to the one that lives through you!!!

Let’s quit glancing at the other guy and fix our eyes on Jesus!!!


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