New Church Plant

We are in the process of starting a new church in Wells Estates. I have been writing about this the past couple of months. Up to this point we have really just been “making noise” and letting the people we are coming through outdoor preaching and distribution of different kinds of Gospel material.

We have been searching for a venue and we have finally found something that will work. An older sister of one of the girls that attends our church has given us permission to use her vacant land to build a temporal structure upon.

Sipho will move to this property as we secure him a place to live and will lead this new church plant. On Friday we were informed that we had to have a structure built on the property a.s.a.p. or the property could be taken back by the government. So yesterday we put up a “shack”. It is actually more like a shed to me. A shack is a bit more dumpy. This one has a little more bling to it.

Next week we will work at getting our building set up and then from there getting info, c.d.s, and face to face time with the people of the community informing them of our start date.

Please pray for us about this great opportunity. We are looking at Jan. 2nd as our start date.


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