Get to Work!

Ephesians 4:7-16

Do your part! Each of us have a vital role to play in the church. Jesus left earth, went to Heaven for a purpose – so that He could fill all of us. He has given each of us a gift some of us have more than one.

Quit looking at the preacher to fulfill every task in the church. Quit coming to him with more ministries to fulfill. God has given him a ministry. He is a gift to the church. His duty is to be in the Word, teach/preach the Word, and pray.

As a result of and alongside of that he should be heavily involved in teaching the congregation and training faithful men. His job is, by the Word of God, to mature, perfect, fully furnish God’s people.

The Bible says that each of us, Christians, have been given a gift. Like I said above some of us have been blessed with more than one. (see I Cor 12, Romans 12, Eph 4, I Peter 4) The preacher is to help establish you in the Word, understand your spiritual gift, and help you get involved in building up the body of Christ and edifying the body. This is your God given responsibility not the preacher’s.

Until the church functions in this manner it will be off course, weak, and disfunctional. God has a plan – let’s go with it.

We are all working on the same house – don’t sit back with all the tools God has provided you with and let your brethren do all the work. Get to work!


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