Good for me – maybe boring for you

I am currently reading another book on leadership by Bobb Biehl called Leading with Confidence. I know leadership books are not very appetizing for some but I need it.

I really like the way the book is laid out – it is written in a practical manner.

Here are some initial insights I have gained.

Leadership is:
1. Knowing what to do next;
2. Knowing why that’s important; and
3. Knowing how to bring appropriate resources to bear on the need at hand.

In chapter on on “Asking Questions” the author says that we should:
*Develop an insatiable commitment to seeking the ideal.
*Until you recognize what the ideal is, you don’t know precisely the distance between where you are and where you’d like to be or could be.

As a church planting missionary I need to know what I am suppose to be shooting for. What kind of churches are we trying to start? How are they to function. Many times we are frustrated simply because we haven’t thought out or come to conclusions about what is ideal or the goal we are after.

The chapter ends with some mind-stretching questions. I have marked two of them.
1. What would I do to accomplish this task if I had just three minutes to do it? Three hours? Three days? Three years? Unlimited time?

* This just makes me rethink my use of time and money on ministry. How many times have I drug something out that I should have just hit really hard with everything I have and gotten it done.

I will be changing in this area.

2. What five things, in priority order, could keep me from realizing the full potential of this idea or project? How can I clear away the roadblocks?

Some of the biggest roadblocks a missionary faces are:
a. culture
b. language
c. resources – materials in the language of the people

Here are my some of my immediate resolutions to clearing the roadblocks.
a. Translating language books into the Xhosa language so that others that come over can get a head start on learning the language.

b. Continually being a student of the language and culture – reading books about the people and history of the land. Also just continuing to ask questions instead of making statements.

c. Translating materials provided by a mentor of mine and anything else that will be helpful and read in the language of the people.


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