Many Christians are “stuck.” They cannot move forward and they cannot change directions. The unfortunate part is that they often attribute their being “stuck” to prayer. It’s like they have become “prayeralyzed.” They say “well I am praying about it.” This is the same thing they have been saying for weeks, months or even years.

While I don’t think it wise to make premature decisions it is another thing to procrastinate and put off making a decision. It is true that some of us, myself included, make unwise decisions because we become anxious. But we also are VERY guilty of putting of til “tomorrow” (a.k.a for no definite day in the future) what we could have and should have done today.

What is your job? What are you suppose to be doing? Then anything within that answer is what you should spend your time doing today. You do not have to pray about doing it or not doing it. It is your job. Do it and do it to the best of your ability. You can ask God to help you do it or ask God to give you another job – but until He sees fit to do so – you have a job to do, so do it.

Prayer was never meant to immobilize you. It is to empower you and help direct you in DOING what you are suppose to be doing. Don’t sit back passively waiting for whatever it is you are waiting on to happen. God uses obedient people. People that are doing what they are suppose to be doing – not just praying about doing it.

Jesus prayed – as He continued to fulfill the will of the Father.

Nehemiah prayed – as He was speaking to the King and busy doing God’s will.

We are challenged to continually be in a state of prayer.

In everything, at all times be God-conscious. Acknowledge your inability and God’s ability. Realize your King has inherited ALL POWER (Mat 28:18) and you are “in” Him. You have access to His power to live life and do His will.

This doesn’t sound like the kind of thing that makes a person go numb, stop, and become paralyzed. NO, it sounds like something that would bring great boldness, swift decisions, and amazing works for the glory of God!!!

Pray – Always Pray – But be faithful at doing what you already know you are suppose to be doing (God’s clear commands, and your known responsibilities/jobs).


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