Psalm 16

vs. 1 – In the first verse of this prayer of David he asks God to preserve him. It means to hedge about as with thorns. It is to guard and protect. David is asking God to watch over Him. He acknowledges and regards God as his keeper.

He has put his faith and trust in God alone. Are you trusting in God to watch over you? It is a difficult, even impossible task for a finite being to watch over his own life but for an omnipotent, omnicient, omnipresent God it is nothing.

God has many works for you to do but preserving yourself is not one of them. That is God’s job.

vs. 2 – David had acknowleged God as the Lord of his life. David states two things in his profession, truth and acceptance. He states the truth, “…unto the LORD,” and he states his acceptance of that truth, “Thou art my Lord.”

If you reject the truth that Jesus is LORD it has no impact on the truth of that statement. But whether you reject or accept Jesus as LORD it will have a huge impact on you!

“my goodness extendeth not to thee;” – It seems like every expositor has something different to say about this statement but in light of the next verse the truth being given seems evident. That is that God’s goodness is not TO you but to flow THROUGH you. The next verse …

v. 3 – …States that “But to the saints that are in the earth, and to the excellent, in whom is all my delight.”

God’s puts blessings in our lives, not for self-absorption, but to equip and supply us with what we need to live the others-centered life Jesus Christ lived.

We must ask ourselves? Am I consuming, using, and benefiting from God’s goodness in my life that was meant to be passed on to others? If there is a bad stench of self-centeredness in your life start today to look to the needs of others around you.

Your local church is a great place to start. How about extra-time God has blessed you with. Do you automatically look at this as “me time?” How about inquiring about the needs of your church and how you could fill them with your God given extra time.

The same could be said of money, talents, gifts etc., etc. You are a member, a member that your local body cannot live without. God’s goodness is present in your life for the benefit of your brethren.

v. 4 – Notice the flow here – The Christian is to have full faith in the LORD God for his life and preservation. So much faith that he freely, cheerfully gives of God’s blessings in his life for the benefit of his brethren. Then vs. 4 shows us what happens when the Christian doesn’t live this way.

1. His sorrows are multiplied. His pains are multiplied. His troubles are multiplied.
Covetousness can subtly sneak into our lives. Idolatry can be a very sly critter that finds it way into our lives.

But if we would only investigate our lives (by the help of the Holy Spirit), look around, and open our eyes to the troubles being multiplied by these unacceptable sins we would definately repent and take God’s plan for life instead of our own.

All of us experience troubles, but sometimes are lives are filled with sorrows and troubles because of our own covetous, idolatrous, self-centered living.

vs. 5 – David sums up the mentality, belief, conviction that one must have in order to consistently live a “selfless, others-centered, to God be all the glory life.” He says “The LORD is the portion of mine inheritance and of my cup:”

David had God. God was His keeper, caretaker, provider. He was everything to David. Therefore David had everything he needed. David was able to live content because of God being everything to him. David could take the good and the bad and say blessed be the name of the LORD!

vs. 6 – David looked at what God had given him and said it is wonderful.
When you look at life, and your circumstances with the unwavering belief of “God is all I have, and definately gives me all I need” then you can give unending thanksgiving to God.

vs. 7 – David has full faith (because he had already surrendered and given his life to his LORD) that God was and would continue to guide him even in the night season.

Have you surrendered your life to your LORD? He is LORD whether or not you have surrendered or not. If you have not it means that you are living in total disobedience no matter how wonderful life may seem.

vs. 8 – David was God conscience every passing moment. God was guiding and David was aware, sensitive, and unshakable as a result.

vs. 9 – This kind of life results in genuine thankfulness, joy, and security that can only be provided by God but is so often sought after in temporal things.

vs. 10 – The inevitable, death itself, was not even able to shake the faith of David because he knew by faith that God would not allow his own to suffer the second death (the lake of fire).

vs. 11 – In this life God would show his surrendered servant the true path of life and lead him on into eternal life. Unending joy, and unending pleasure is found only in God. Man-created joy, happiness, and fun will all pass. But God will give His family joy and pleasure forevermore.


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