Yesterday I got the chance to preach at a Ed-U College in Central. Another private school also attended the meeting. One of the young ladies of Madiba Bay, who attends the school, invited me to come and speak. It was a wild experience. The singing was lively to say the least. I would say about 200 students were in attendance along with some faculty.

Last night a group from Madiba Bay went and supported Wells Estate Baptist Church. Pastor Bonga is continuing to do a fantastic work there as God works through Him. Both of these churches are small but I have to say that there is a load of potential in the churches. God has given us some of the finest young men I have ever had the chance to meet.

Humility, and hunger are probably the best words to describe these young men. They are nobodies wanting to lift up the name of Jesus Christ. They don’t care about their names just the name of Jesus Christ. They have a hunger to read, study, preach and teach the Word of God. I would also add that they are very bold!

I can do nothing (and that is extremely frustrating and humbling)…apart from Christ, but through Christ God is doing eternal works in His own way, timing, and for His own glory.


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