Death is way too common in South Africa. It seems like every time I turn around I am involved in a funeral. The saddest part is that it is usually for a young person. Today we are continuing in the prayer services that will lead up to the funeral of a person who died last week.

This morning Pastor Bonga comes to my house with a heavy heart from just hearing that his 20yr old friend passed away. This young guy was at my house just a couple of weeks ago. He looked healthy and fine. Today he is in eternity.

Don’t forget we just finished prayer services and a funeral last week. Death just seems to linger around. He doesn’t go far because he knows there are more to take in just the next passing moments.

I am thankful that Jesus took the sting of death away for the believer and that those that die in the Lord are blessed. But for many here in South Africa death still has its sting and they die under the wrath of God. Please pray that God would help us to work harder, smarter and in His power to reach South Africa and the world with the message that takes away the sting of death!


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