“I’ll Visit But We’ll See if You Can Keep Me”

I was checking on getting our Non-profit status taken care of the other day and met with a young guy about the matter.  During the meeting he asked about our church with kind of a “just another blah-blah church” kind of attitude.

He asked what is the difference between your church and all of the other churches, expecting some “WOW, THAT IS INCREDIBLE!” answer.  I told him, I cannot speak for the other churches, but if you come you will hear a Bible based message and see that we have an outward focused ministry.  It didn’t really get him all that excited.

Unfortunately, wherever people go this day in time they expect a show, even in South Africa.  It’s unfortunate that a good Bible message, introduced by songs that get one thinking about and praising the One that died for us is not enough.  Well at Madiba Bay and Wells Estates Baptist Church that is what the people get.  That is the “Simple Church” to me.  It can be reproduced anywhere around the world.

Some churches have heard that same reply from people and have tried to add the fireworks to the church service in order to keep those people.  I have always been told that what you get people with you have to keep them with.  We want to get them with Bible preaching and teaching and keep them with it.

I am not against all the “extras” that we have in church today.  Your church may have the finances, the people with the skills to do all of that, GREAT! I just believe that the basic tools that God gave us are still enough, more than enough if we would just be diligent enough to use them skillfully.  Just RAW church is awesome to me.  If everything is done Biblically and spiritually in the service then there is nothing better.

Problem is that this kind of service doesn’t just happen and many that still just sing, and preach, and pray in the church service do it in the flesh. The truth is that it is boring, dull and lackluster when it is done that way.   But if the preacher does his homework, and prays and the saved members come in with a mind to worship then God is glorified and the Holy Spirit moves in the hearts of believers and convicts the nonbelievers of sin, righteousness, and judgment.

Throw the pressure of performance out and keep the reliance on the Spirit of God in the church.  Some of the sweetest, most powerful services I have ever been in were in a tin shack in the township.  What kind of attitude do you bring to your church?  Are you coming in to worship God in Spirit and in truth or  with a “self-centered, entertain me, what are you going to do for me” attitude?

This was just a thought that was running through my mind and I wanted to write about it.  What are your thoughts on the matter?


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