Let me start off by saying that anything that I write about preaching comes from classes I have taken, books I have read, and the short experience I have.  In other words most of which I will say is not original and where I can I will give credit to the one that deserves it.

I am extremely convicted about the importance of biblical preaching.  I know in my own life that I have preached some sorry messages.  But the thing that I am committed to is getting better at it.  I want to communicate God’s Word with integrity.  I want to preach what the passage says and leave the listeners with accurate application.

This is one, just one, of the many struggles that I have as a preacher.  But I know that God can help me to become a better voice for His Word.

Preaching the Word brings real change in people’s lives!  If you don’t believe that then quit preaching.  I know that discipleship has to take place but if there is no power in what takes place behind the pulpit then let’s quit gathering on Sundays.

It is foolishness when you think about it.  It is foolishness when you read about in Scriptures.  But it is the avenue that God has chosen to bring about new life.  It’s one of the catalysts God uses to bring about sanctification in the believer.  It’s the way that God can get the glory He deserves when the messenger does it the right way.

I have started rereading Haddon W. Robinson’s book Biblical Preaching, the second edition.  As I go through it I am going to rethink it, add my thoughts, and the share the help I get.

If you are a preacher I hope you will read the book and if you have any comments I would love to hear them.


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