Things I am Thankful For…

I just want to write a general post today and tell the world I am thankful for how good God is.

  • He has given me the most virtuous woman in the world!  My wife is my best friend and I don’t know what I would do without her.  God knocked it out of the park when He gave me Corli!
  • Madiba Bay Baptist Church – We may not be the biggest or richest church but these people have challenged my faith by their obedience to the Gospel.  I love them to death and am thankful that God has allowed me to pastor them.
  • Wells Estate Baptist Church – Pastor Bonga is a preaching machine.  He goes from prayer services, to all night prayer meetings, to church services preaching the Word of God.
  • All the other preachers, faithful men, God has given us – Lubabalo Sitole – a man of compassion and faithfulness, Babalo – a man of untold talents and abilities, Ntobeko – a man after God’s own heart, Thamsanqa – humility, along with others.  These are some phenominal men –  I feel unworthy to work with them.
  • My sons – Hudson and Clark are two special young men –  I pray God raises them up to be Great Hearts (Pilgrim’s Progress).  Corli and I do not want “good” kids.  We want to raise servants of Jesus Christ!
Thank you Lord for all that you have done.  I can be a negative pessimist a lot of times – which is ridiculous because God is so good to us.

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