Current News

We have a local celebrity helping us out at Madiba Bay Baptist Church.  E-Zee Fana, the father of Zolani, a man in our church was voted citizen of the year in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

He has been a tremendous help to the church over the past couple of weeks.  His real focus is developing underprivileged kids from the township in rugby.  He has done a tremendous job with kids receiving scholarships all over South Africa as a result of the assistance he has given them.

Over past couple of weeks he has been working hard along with his rugby players to help us clean up our new building.  The building has been used as a community dump site but thanks to these awesome people and our church people the rubbish is out and waiting to be removed by trucks.

That is where E-Zee Fana is continuing to help us out.  Today he some how was able to get the newspaper out to take pictures and do interviews with us about needing assistance from the municipality to remove the rubbish.  In the next couple of days there should be an article out about our church (free advertising) and pressure on the municipality to clean up the mess thanks to E-Zee fana.

We are definately thankful for our newfound friendship!


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