Just So You Know…

I want everyone that wants to know what is going on here – to know what is going on here. So here are a few things that we have going at the moment.

  • We are on the verge of getting to start a new church plant in an area called Soweto-on-Sea.  This church will be planted by Pastor Ntobeko Mkontwana with the assistance of Lubabalo Sitole.
  • We are busy renovating our newly purchased building for Madiba Bay Baptist Church.  We were actually in the city’s newspaper last week for cleaning up the township.  There is a ton of work to be done.  We pretty much had a building structure (no doors, windows, roof, plumbing, electrical) filled with the nastiest trash you’ve ever seen.  Our people have done a fantastic job at cleaning it up now we can begin repairing the building.
  • Our preacher’s will take an intensive on the book of Romans this week at Madiba Bay Bible Institute/a.k.a. Pastor’s School.
  • During December we are hoping to go to Somerset East where Thamsanqa Olifant grew up and do a tent revival and distribute a ton of material and hopefully make some good contacts with a few good men.
  • Also this week we will have a Men’s meeting called T.E.L.L..  It is fellowship between the Ind. Baptist churches in the city and will be held at Wells Estate Baptist Church.
  • On Saturday we have a men’s meeting at Madiba Bay in Xhosa for the men of Madiba Bay and Wells Estate.

Please if you read this blog be praying about these events.


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