Pity or Compassion

When it comes to reaching the lost/getting the gospel to the ends of the earth do you have pity or compassion?

Pity is feeling sorry for someone.

Compassion is to feel with someone to the point that you do something to help.

Example of Pity: In the parable of the Good Samaritan the priest and the Levite have pity – they feel sorry for the victim.  That is the end of it.  They go on about their lives.  They probably went home and told their friends and family about the horrible thing they saw that day and that was it.  They closed their eyes to it.

Example of Compassion:  The good Samaritan comes along and has compassion.  He sees the victim, is moved with compassion, and then helps the victim.

Do you have pity or compassion about a world lost, dying and on its way to Hell?  If you truly have compassion you will do something about it.


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