Getting People To Love the Bible in Their Language

Haddon Robinson talking about his preaching after he finished seminary.

I did a lot of that when I first got out of seminary. I used my knowledge of Greek and Hebrew in the study and in the pulpit. One day a woman wounded me with a compliment: “I just love to hear you preach. In fact, when I see the insights you get from the original languages, I realize that my English Bible is hardly worth reading.”

I went home asking myself. What have I done? I’m trying to get people into their Bibles, but I’ve taken this lady out of hers.

Spurgeon was right: the people in the marketplace cannot learn the language of the academy, so the people in the academy must learn the language of the marketplace. It’s the pastor’s job to translate.

Hybels, B., Briscoe, D. S., & Robinson, H. W. (1989). Mastering Contemporary Preaching. Portland, OR: Multnomah.


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