Don’t Miss The Our Generation Camp!!!





What is it?

This a summer youth camp unlike anything you have ever been to before! We have missionaries from around the world coming in to spend time with teenagers and spread a passion for world evangelism.

Our Generation Student Leadership Camp

Why Have It?

We believe our camp is unique, in the fact that it is all about missions. From the speakers, to the break out sessions, and even the games will help turn you heart and mind to bringing God glory through global missions.


Who is it for?

Wonderful question!

The Our Generation Camp is designed for middle school and high school students (7th – 12th grade). On top of all the exciting missions geared events you will also find the traditional things you would want at a teen camp (“the blob”, paintball, sports competitions, putt putt golf)!

We will also have the 8th Annual Our Generation Student Leadership Camp going on at the same time and on the same campus. This is an unique opportunity to for college age students to meet with others with a like faith and passion for missions while being instructed by veteran missionaries. The college ages students will be involved in a separate track than the teenagers. We will combine for the evening service and meals.

What will the camp involve?


  • Time with missionaries from around the world
  • In depth Questions & Answer Sessions
  • Missionary Training Classes
  • Afternoon sports competitions.


$50  Registration Fee*  (Due by March 1st)
$150 Camp Fee
Fort Bluff Camp
370 Fort Bluff Camp Road
Dayton, TN 37321
May 28 – June 1, 2012

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