Church Building Roof

I hate to do this.  I thought I could get it done with my support alone.  But it would be a huge help if I could get the money for our roof as soon as possible so we could get into our building.  We need $3000 to put a roof on our building.  Our people are giving but it really doesn’t add up to the amount of money we need to finish the job.  We had quite a bit saved up and it was all stolen.  So if you would like to help this is your chance.  If not please don’t take offense just delete this message or scroll past it and don’t think twice about it.  My goal is to get the building to a point where we can worship in it then let the people of Madiba Bay continue to sacrifice and finish their building.  It’s not good for a building to sit empty in the township things can get stolen and broken very easily.

If you would like to help you can send the money to Macedonia World Baptist Missions, and just make a note that it is money for the church roof being built by Kevin Hall.


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