Two Important Notices

1.  Please keep our building project for Madiba Bay Baptist Church in your prayers.  If feels like our building is a local building supply for thieves as they have already made a couple of trips to our place.  They went away with several hundred dollars worth of the materials.  I feel like putting up a sign that says “Vengeance is mine saith the Lord!”….but I won’t.  Pastor Bonga being the more spiritual person said we needed to pray that they needed to get saved.  I was leaning more toward David’s imprecatory prayers:)  Anyways please be in prayer for this situation it is very aggravating.  We need to get the building to a point where it can be used and someone can stay on the premise as soon as possible or this is just going to keep happening.

2.  We will arrive in the states on the 7th of December for a six month furlough.  If you would like for us to come by your church please let us know and we will put it on our calendar.



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