Numbers that Concern

The following is an excerpt from the current Weekend Post (local Port Elizabeth newspaper).  It is a shock to say the least.  Pray for South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape that a godly generation would be raised up.  Pray for young men to get saved, grow in Christ, and learn to love and care for their family.  Pray for a harvest of virtuous women that will be all that God created and called them to be.


“According to the South Africa Institute of Race Relations, between 2005 and 2009 adoptions in SA decreased by 52% while foster-care grants increased by 72%.

During this period, the number of orphans in the country increased by 29% from just more than four million to about 5.2 million.  (total population of South Africa is 50,586,757 according to

Within the Eastern Cape Province/State alone

With a staggering 98,000 child-headed households and 486,213 households headed by the elderly in the province (Eastern Cape only)…”

(Total population of the Eastern Cape is 6,829,958 according to



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