Sacrificial Giving

God has given me the privilege to meet some of the sweetest and most sincere followers of Jesus Christ during my time in South Africa.  I know that people make sacrifice to God throughout the world.  But I have been blown away by the sacrificial giving of one particular family at Madiba Bay Baptist Church.

As you know our electrical wiring etc, has been stolen and we have not been able to get it turned on with the municipality.  One of the families in the church, a VERY POOR family, has given R4000 for this project.  I have no idea where or how they came up with the money but I do know their testimony and how much they LOVE their local church.

You have no idea how much of a sacrifice this is for these dear people.  Many people in the same area make about R100 a day – around $10-$12.  You do the math.  This family also has children and grandchildren that they help to care for.  They don’t own a car.  They live in a very small house.  They have just enough food to get by on.  They could have used this money in a variety of ways for REAL NEEDS but they have chosen to give it to the Lord.

They love their church.  They love Jesus.  They are thankful for the Gospel.  They are thankful for their pastors Sipho Bonga and Lubabalo Sitole and the truth they are privileged to be taught on a regular basis.  They are thankful that their family has a pillar and ground of truth to be trained and equipped in.  This offering is just an expression of that Love.  They didn’t have to – they wanted to.  They were not guilt tripped into giving – they were constrained by love for God.

God help me to learn from their example.


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