Needless to say  I am ecstatic about my new baby girl!  It’s an incredible responsibility to be given such a wonderful gift from God.

Just want to say a public thanks to God for the following:

  • A healthy baby – When you find out all that has to take place in the birth process your mind can easily get overwhelmed with all the possible problems that can occur.  Thank God she is healthy!
  • A recovering wife – If I had a choice I probably wouldn’t go into the operating room:)  But in SA they don’t seem to give you a choice.  It is a very serious surgery and my wife should get a medal for having gone through it 3 times now.  She has recovered well in the past and is on her way to a great recovery once again.
  • A great family – It is awesome to think of the potential living in my own home.  I have two small boys that I hope and pray will grow up to love God and glorify Him with their lives.  Now we’ve been entrusted with a girl that we can nurture up to be a virtuous woman.

James 1:17 – Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning.



  1. lubabalositole

    Amen and amen…. It is surely a perfect gift from above Pastor!
    From : Mr L.Sitole
    Contact number : 0820607761
    I’m glad that i am No Longer Condemned in the site of Lord-Romans 8:1-17!

  2. Steve Morgan


    What a sweet post and picture. All praise to our Lord and congratulations to you, Corli and the boys!We look forward to returning to SA to see you.



  3. Tammy Lewis

    Oh my!! What a beautiful family and,now, a precious new baby girl! Praying God’s Healing hand upon Corli and continued protection for you all. We love and pray for you constantly! -Tammy @Cherokee Valley Baptist, Ringgold GA

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