God’s Great Salvation

If  I wanted to give a gift to someone  I should make sure the gift was appropriate for the recipient.  God, in His perfect wisdom, has chosen to give salvation to man as a gift (Ephesians 2:8,9).  It is the perfect way, and only way man may hope to be saved.  I like the way one man put it “God asks us to do the one thing we can do without doing anything in order to be saved and that is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Fallen man is described in the Scriptures as deaf, blind, lame and sick.  In other words, we are in desperate need of salvation.  We cannot work for it.  We cannot become good enough for it.  The Bible is clear that we are “all sinners” and that there is “no difference” amongst us (Romans 3:22,23).

What is the answer?  The answer is the gospel, “for it is the power of God unto salvation.” (Romans 1:16).  Either a lost man comes under the sound of the Gospel or a Gospel preacher goes to the lost man and preaches the power of God unto salvation.

But how can the deaf hear or a dead man listen and receive something?  Did you not hear God’s answer to man’s problem?  God gave the gospel the power of God unto salvation.  It’s not me trying to give a self-help talk to a corpse.  It’s a nameless messenger telling God’s story that contains God’s power to a potential displayer of God’s glory.  It’s so powerful that you can speak it to a dead man and he will come to life.  You can whisper it to a deaf man and he will hear it loud and clear!

Give the gospel the credit it is due.  Salvation is not given to man for his works, but to him that simply, freely, and effortlessly believes the Gospel (Romans 4:5).

When man hears the Gospel and repents God causes this person to be born again.  He is given a new life.  The life of Jesus Christ, to live in Jesus Christ with the testimony of Jesus Christ.  This means you will be free from all the condemnation of all your sins.  This means you have the proper foundation to live and do the great works God has saved you to do.

You will become a son of God.  No more striving for your own righteousness.  You’ve received the righteousness of God through Christ.  You can’t add to that!  That frees you to serve God on the basis of love not on performance.  Wow, what great salvation God has given us.  Enjoy it!  Love Jesus!  Love your neighbor!  Go tell some other sinners the gospel that can save anybody no matter how bad their sinful condition may appear – the fact is that their sin is far worse than it appears on the surface – but God’s Gospel can do the job!




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